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By joining GEET International Institute as a student, you can co-create synergy to accelerate our collective progress forward, through the process of retrofitting each individual piece of fuel-burning equipment on the planet, to end poverty and pollution and bring wealth and health to everyone and everything.

Your involvement early and often will be key to your success, and all of our success!
Because of that we have packaged the entire standard GEET Class, which has been up to $5,000 on location in the past, NOW ONLY $250 online for a limited time! (Bonus Offer below)

Browse the available options including the bonus offer, and take the following steps to sign-up here and take the next leap toward greater learning and action with life-time access to the GEET Class book, and more GEET resources, announcements, and perks!

Basic Package

$60 for a limited time

Sign up as a GEET Student today with a donation of $60 and gain online access the GEET Class Book for life! This is a limited-time promo, during our launching phase. The standard value is yet to be determined as we add features to the basic student package. In the near future it may be $150 or more for the basic package, but your one-time donation will keep you in good standing with no further donations required from you.

You can request a physical copy of the book for an additional donation amount yet to be determined. It may also include some extras.

Basic Package Plus

$150 for a limited time

With a donation of $150 today (temporarily reduced from $250) you get the Basic Package access mentioned above as well as a digital copy of the Book of GEET (that is in addition to access of the GEET Class Book), and copies of both the Small and Large Engine GEET Plans, as well as some surprise bonuses!

GEET Demo Engine – Video Workshop

$100 – for a limited time

The Basic Package or the Basic Package Plus are prerequisites for this course.

To succeed in your GEET experimentation, it is about important to have a “feel for it” as it is to understand the Science.

This course offers what you need to know, to get started learning hands-on with GEET. It is HIGHLY recommended to learn first by building a demo engine before attempting any more advance GEET Research and Development.

This course is now available with the early bird special for only $100!

The early bird special will end at a date soon to be announced. The early bird special will become $150, then $200 and finally $250, once the early bird special has ended. The early bird special will be $150 starting March 1, 2023.

Phone Q&A with GEET Instructor

For a donation of $50/hour I or a Licensed GEET Instructor will connect with you through the appropriate medium to answer questions.

Bonus Offer

$250 for a limited time

Get both: the Basic Package Plus and the GEET Demo Engine – Video Workshop today with a donation of only $250 and receive a complimentary hour of Phone Q&A with a GEET Instructor.

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