GEET Class Orientation

Assignment 1: Please let me know you’ve read this.

Topics Covered:
Course Material Fulfillment
Tools We Need Immediately for Accelerating Lab Progress
Providing Further Contact Methods for keeping you up-to-date
Set your Notifications to “See all”
Sharing Post for Accelerating General Progress

Course Material Update

Thank you for joining GEET International Institute. We appreciate your support toward and excitement for what GEET is, and the courses and products coming soon from GEET!

If you have not already been informed, you should now have access to the GEET Class Book. You can get to it by going to …

If you do not already have access to The Book of GEET and the Small Engine and Auto Engine Plans, please let me know. Also I have located page 4 of the Small Engine Plans, so let me know if you don’t have it yet, and I will send you the full set.

With the aforementioned material, combined with the Demo Engine Build Videos a few of you have ordered(release date pending), and telephone Q&A, you get what effectively equates to the curriculum of the GEET Class previously offered by my dad, Paul and other GEET Instructors. That class was originally $5000, but as my dad, et all were able to lower overhead costs, they were also able to decrease the asking donation to 3,500, then 2,500, then 1,500 and even down to $1000 for a crash course.

Now, thanks to enough people now seeking this knowledge, and the power of the internet, we can drop the requested contribution down to peanuts, and gain at least the minimum support/momentum to be able to begin to put full-time efforts into GEET and project a steady flow of resources for further GEET Research and Development. At this rate, within another month we should have all of the tools needed for the next stages of progress in the lab and office.

Some of the most crucial and expensive tools we need immediately are:

A gas Analyzer – (Needed for monitoring to conduct R&D, as well as to show results.)
Valued $4,300 plus tax and shipping
found new here for $2,400 plus tax and shipping:

A Starlink Satellite and service – Cost generally $500 + $100
Found on Ebay
(Every other service that is available at our location is very slow)

Powerful fast computer. We need more computers for assistants who are standing by to volunteer!
Practically anything would be helpful. Mid-range power is great, but at least one pretty powerful computer is needed for a variety of programs and web interaction.
If you choose to give support in this way, you could give us a budget and I’ll shop for one, our you can just send us one. My address is posted on this page:

We are trying to recover any equipment we can, mostly for a sort of GEET Museum.

FOUND: A GEET Demo Engine (in great condition, with documents) The current owner is offering us “first dibs” on it. If you have $1500 worth of trade items to contribute, we could trade those for it rather than pay cash.
Here is a list of items the owner is willing to trade for the engine

*Jewelry. Especially turquoise or Indian style silver and turquoise
*Vintage Pottery and/or glass items
*Bolos for men that are tribal or western
*Western and mid century 60’s art, sculptures, etc
*Silver, Ingots, bars, silver dollars, 50 cent pieces
*Older acoustic guitars (steel or nylon string) like 50’s, 60’s, 70’s smaller bodied guitars
*Gypsy and unusual guitars in any restorable condition
*Watches – Rolex or 60’s 70’s 80’s LCD and LED men’s watches
*Vintage fish tanks in any restorable condition
Any further contribution you make can be credited toward upcoming online GEET classes. (Ask Me how)

We hope that in order to support our efforts to keep releasing updated and progressing material to you in future courses, you will make sure to stay informed with all GEET progress, and share the posts you find valuable. (Do share promotional material, but DO NOT share Class materials.)

Please let me know which ways are best to reach you. You may consider getting a email address if you use something sketchy like hotmail, yahoo or google. Often emails get bounced back, so if you have a second email address, or other contact method for backup, please share it with me to prevent loss of contact. Please let me know in which order they are most reliable methods for reaching you, as well as which are best for sharing updates and posts. (deals, news, products, etc)

If you use other platforms, please let us know which you prefer, and we’ll consider joining sooner than later.

If you are on facebook please join at least the first group listed here and set notifications to “see all”

I recommend saving the following info in a document, and put it in a GEET Class folder you create on your computer. Over time you will likely add a lot more material to the folder, and you will be happy it’s all organized.

Here are a few methods to connect, so we can get ready to blast GEET news as it happens.

GEET Advancement Facebook Group (Official)

GEET Engine Facebook Group (Official) (Reduntant, but it could be good to have it for backup)

GEET International Institute Facebook Page (Official)


Personal Facebook Page for David Pantone

Personal Linkedin Page for David Pantone

Personal for David Pantone
Telegram app # and Mobile phone #
1-(530) 334-0489

Email for GEET International Institute/David Pantone
(Use both until we confirm emails are being received on both ends)

Thanks for reading this!
Any questions or feedback are welcome and appreciated.