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“When he said [he was a] retired nuclear physicist, my ears perked up. I asked him, scientifically speaking, what he thought of GEET”…”He said, “What you are doing for 25 cents, with parts from the hardware store, we are doing with big, seven-mile underground facilities for billions of dollars.” He went on to say, “The big difference was not the price, but it was the result. Ours only works for milliseconds and yours was like the Energizer Bunny. It keeps running.”

– Paul Pantone, Book of GEET page 122

Are you ready to get involved with the most revolutionary technology of our times?

By joining GEET International Institute as a student, you can co-create synergy to accelerate our collective progress forward, through the process of retrofitting each individual piece of fuel-burning equipment on the planet, to end poverty and pollution and bring wealth and health to everyone and everything.

Your involvement early and often will be key to your success, and all of our success!


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Book of GEET

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