Last Class Dates
May 18-22th 2,500.00

Paul’s last class will be held in Oak Grove, KY (42262) approximately 1 hour north of Nashville TN. For information about availability of seats contact Paul directly at, or phone 580-251-0651,Skype; inventor58.


We look forward to a clean Planet…

Paul, and all of us at GEET

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For GEET Dealer or Instructor training contact GEET Inventor Paul Pantone by filling out the form below, or calling him directly at 1 (580) 251-0651

World-Wide Classes

To attend a class other than Paul’s in Kentucky, U.S. check out our Affiliates page and News page. You can also request further information in the form below, and we will refer you to your nearest Licensed GEET Instructor.

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Greetings from GEET,

Due to the workload on Paul Pantone, the time usually dedicated to teaching is now more valuable being spent in the laboratory and writing books for the future generations. With over 180 Scientific Discoveries to validate; Paul’s time is now better spent in the lab where he can dedicate his attention to these projects. Paul will still offer focused training for those wishing to become licensed dealers. The price of this 4-day, one-on-one training will now be $5,000. For details contact Paul directly by phone 580-251-0651 or email
There are also classes available in Canada, Caribbean, Australia, Africa, Europe, and soon in Pakistan, India, China, and Russia. these classes vary in price depending on complexity and duration.

The 225 and 250kW gensets are being completed as we speak and will begin testing before the end of this year.

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