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Demonstration Units

Show everybody you know! This is a standard GEET with a bubbler as the fuel source. This enables you to try the many different combinations possible of being reformed into fuel while eliminating almost all of the pollution!
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There are only 35 GEET U.S. Dealership Licenses available. 
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13hp - 5.5 kw Generator

50% fuel economy improvement

$1,650 plus shipping
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GEET Plans with one year of technical support
Generators are available now!

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The most frequently requested GEET product is now in pre-production.  You can pre-order your pay-per-view GEET Class for retrofitting small engines.  Your purchase will also include one year of phone and email technical support and a copy of plans (normally $300) emailed to you.  All information is for personal use only, and not for commercial use.  The standard retail price for this Class is set for $1,250, but to fund production we're offering a pre-sale price of $750 until November 15th and ONLY $500 if you order by midnight October 31st!
Online GEET Class with 1-year tech support