Over a decade ago, Paul Pantone donated his "small-engine plans" so each person may build a proof-of-concept GEET for their personal use and education.  Since then tens-of-thousands of people have responded to Paul with reports of their success.  A few thousand of them have gone public with their results.

People from almost every country on Earth have responded with different results. Many stayed with  using the plans as they were published and some chose to make changes based on what they thought it should be. This assistance has made us the largest Research Team in the World, and we give thanks to all of you have contributed to our knowledge.

Over 175 new scientific anomalies have been discovered, demonstrated, and recorded due to the gift of Paul Pantone's Free GEET Plans. The feedback of the global community and Paul's personal discoveries with GEET have gone into understanding the fine-tuning of GEET.  There are now working GEET models available to buy from Licensed GEET dealers, which are based on the last thirty years of experience since Paul Pantone first invented GEET.  It is your donations that help keep us going.  NO GOVERNMENT help has yet been offered in 31 years and it is not expected.  NO FOUNDATIONS have offered to help with cleaning up this Planet.  Every penny we have earned and received in Donations has not been enough to get this technology out to mankind where it belongs.  Your help is desperately needed to get this job done.

As we are now expanding to have one-hundred Dealers in the USA as well as intorducing them to all of the students so they can work together as teams in their perspective home areas we will expand more quickly.  We at the GEET International Institute strive to research and develop new products for our Dealers.  We do not manufacture or distribute products from the Institute, only through Dealers.

The greatest achievements are right now in the making.  Paul Pantone is constructing his complete research lab.  The level of GEET insight which exists requires a laboratory setting to re-create and observe experiments for the maximization of GEET efficiency.  The findings will contribute to the improvement of the GEET equipment available to the public.  Please contribute whatever amount you can to fund Paul's research lab by clicking the donate button below:
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The Free Plans are "proof-of-concept" plans, which are designed to function only well enough to show some unmistakable results.  The tools and knowledge to maximize the performance of a GEET are available for you at the GEET International Institute Classes.

Here are the links to the Free GEET Plans!  They are for personal use only.  No commercial use is allowed.
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Large Engine Plans
GEET Retrofit-
Small Engine Plans